So, this is a bit embarrassing, but as a child I never learned how to ride a bicycle. In fact, my dad tried once when I was about fourteen or fifteen years old. He woke me up one Saturday morning and told me to get dressed. He refused to tell me where we were going, I had already been working and had money of my own. I took some money in case we were going by somewhere I’d like to shop at. I asked repeatedly where we were going so I could dress appropriately, or what I thought that would be anyway. “Dress how you’d normally dress on a Saturday”, he said. So I threw on a pair of jeans, a brand new shirt and a brand new pair of sneakers. Eventually we go to a friends house and he asks this friend of the family if we can borrow their bicycle. He takes me to a local park and tells me to get on the bike. I laughed in his face and told him that I had no idea what to do, he’d never shown me how to ride. He says “Well, I’m teaching you today.” But at that point he was a bit a late in the game, and although his intentions were great, his timing was abysmal. I tried a few times, and the last time I jumped off the bike because I didn’t want to be on the floor in my brand new clothes.

Years later when I moved to a suburban area at the age of 28, I needed to get around and didn’t have access to a car. So I learned how to ride bike. It took me a while, a lot of falling and a little help from my neighbor who gave me some very simple but accurate advice. I began riding my bicycle to and from work every day. Five days a week I would bike 3.2 miles to work and then return home doing the same ride. Then three months later I got in a car accident two days after being fired. I was on my bike, crossing a major intersection, when an older woman jumped a red light and hit me. Lucky for me nothing was broken, but that also meant that my lawsuit wouldn’t be very fun. It took a year and 5 months, but they finally replaced my bike.

I got a replacement bike a little less than a week ago and have been going wild since! I rode my bike out of the store just like a little kid. I am now using the bike to help me get back on point with fitness. I’ve been biking a lot and intend to swap out at least half of my weekly cardio sessions for bike rides. So far I’ve been doing sessions of 4 miles since I average just a little more than that on my HIIT (high intensity interval training) elliptical sessions. It has been very fun and I honestly feel that I could probably do another mile or two per session. However, since getting my bike back I haven’t gotten on the elliptical. So today is the test! I’m going to do an elliptical session in an hour or two, and then I’m going to bike about five or six hours after the elliptical session is over. I want to see what my body can handle and how sore I’ll be tomorrow. So far the bike has been kicking my ass and I love it. As I type my forearms and chest are sore from riding the last few days. 18422796_444254709247784_6500610952859444313_o