Hey y’all. it’s been a minute. I wasn’t able to do much since the last time I posted. I had a major medical procedure and wasn’t able to workout at all for a while. I was cleared last week and did some minor stuff, but nothing major. I did a full elliptical HIIT session Monday and have been hesitant to work out the way that I want to. The doctor cleared me to do as much cardio as my body can handle. I am not allowed to do any weights for another 3 months or so. It’s been difficult accepting that I can’t just dive in the way that I’m used to doing.

I’ve still been doing OMAD. I’m pretty much doing 22-2 – 22 hours without food and two hours with food. But my food choices have not been great as of late and they definitely haven’t all been plant based foods either. Additionally, I have not followed those hours as much as I should have.

I am pretty sure that I wont be hitting my goal that I set a while back for 90 days. However, I have 41 days left, so the next 40 days I plan on grinding and seeing how much fat I can lose. The key word is fat, not weight. Supposedly I weigh close to 210 lbs. But as this picture and my closet show, that number doesn’t mean too much. There are size Small Men shirts that I can fit into still. So I’m less concerned with the number the scale says and more concerned with the amount of fat my body is carrying. So, lets see what happens. I’ll be working out regularly, working on eating better, and blogging more.I’ve eaten a lot of crap since April 12th when I had my procedure. But, I am getting back on point as of today. The rest of this week I plan on doing OMAD in a plant based fashion as I’ve always done, and the rest of this week I will be doing HIIT twice a day.

I figure if I can get three consecutive days in this week doing HIIT twice a day then I should be able to do the five days I’m aiming for next week. It’s been difficult sitting on the bench and seeing my friends doing fitness, and pushing themselves. But I need to get my head and my body back in the game. So this is my goodbye to the bench. Farewell, I hope to never see you again (bench). To those who have been supportive, checking on me, and encouraging me to get back on track, I appreciate you all.