According to. Google the definition is as follows:

(of something restrictive or too tight) make (a part of the body) sore by rubbing against it.

All of this cardio, interval training and thigh rubbing is CRAZY! Today is the beginning of the third week of this routine and this chafing is beyond what I expected. I mean, sure, no pain, no gain. But this is annoying and a bit unpleasant. In the past this didn’t happen. But perhaps it’s happening because I’ve been doing so much and I was slacking in the gym for a while. I don’t know. But wow. This is definitely an unexpected consequence, which I definitely did not anticipate. It was suggested that I put coconut oil twice a day to ease the issue. I will attempt it tonight and the next few days to see if it helps. Anyone else know a way to remedy this?

Besides the major chafing issue as am doing pretty good. I had to miss a day last week due to extreme rain and a bit if hail. I wasn’t going to walk a mile to the gym and a. I’ll back in that weather. It was. UGLY! I have attempted to monitor my heart rate so. I can report the average for that as well. But it hasn’t worked very well. For some reason the elliptical machines I’ve been on either can’t read my heart rate, or they show it for a moment and then it vanishes within five or less minutes. The highest I’ve seen it thus far is 170. What do you use to monitor your heart rate? Is there an app or “fit”-wear you think is accurate and affordable?