So let’s talk about intermittent fasting. This is basically when you fast for short periods of time. Often a fast is viewed as several days without food or maybe a full meal. What I’m doing is fasting (not eating any food at all) for almost an entire day. I am eating one meal a day. It is obviously a big meal, because I am very hungry by the time I am allowed to eat. OMAD means one meal a day. CRAZY! I know; but I’ve been trying it and it has been working. Plus think about this, do we need to eat three meals a day? What happens if you don’t?I

According to biology we don’t require three meals a day. We can survive with much less in our system. If we really wanted to we could go 30 days without food as long as we have sufficient amounts of water. Madness, I know. So, I have begun OMAD and it is quite the ride! I only eat in the evening. I stuff my face around 6pm and then have dessert if I wish. As long as I eat dessert before 9:30pm I am in the clear. However, dessert is not a requirement. If I’m too full from my one meal then I can just kick back and relax. Before you lose your mind, Actor Terry Crews does something similar. 

So, in addition to OMAD I will be in the gym twice a day for five days a week. I am starting with just a few days this week before I dive in next week. Terry Crews works out early in the morning and then eats after 4pm. I will be doing both of my gym sessions prior to having my one meal. My body will dip into my stored far cells and I will burn stored far at the gym as well. I aim to get rid of the rest of my belly in 90 days or so. 

I’m still debating whether I’m going to post a bunch of pictures as my journey goes on. Would y’all want to see pictures throughout the 90 days?

Here’s one of me after a gym session: