It’s been far too long since I blogged or was consistent in the gym. Due to the way I eat, I have lost a little weight but I haven’t gotten the results I yearn for because I haven’t put the work in. Recently, due to a minor medical issue, I was told that I can’t do weights for a few months. It felt like the universe was taking away the balance from my work out routine. But since I haven’t been working out consistently I have only myself to blame. Because if I was grinding and putting int he work at the gym this whole time then i would already accomplished my goals or been very close to it. But now I can’t do weights until the end of June.

As much as this sucks I have decided to step my game up and drop the unneeded, and unwanted body fat that I have. I am not huge. I am not the 300 Lbs I once was either. But I am not where I should be. So I am doing things a bit differently and refocusing my mind. I have also placed some things in place to keep me accountable. This blog is one of them. I will be blogging everyday. Maybe just a short post, or maybe I’ll talk more about the my “diet” or food intake program as I prefer to call it. I am intermittent fasting and am eating a mostly vegan diet. I can talk more about that if people have questions. I know that my food intake program is unorthodox but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. After all, I have been home most of the day, most days, and not working out, and my food intake program has allowed me to maintain and even drop my weight a bit.

Another thing I will be doing to hold myself accountable besides the blogging is growing my hair. I love having a fresh haircut and I hate how fast my hair is growing. But I have decided that I will not cut my hair until my belly is flat. I don’t have a huge belly, maybe if I’m feeling brave I will post some full body, shirtless pictures so that when this new journey is over we can all be able to compare. But I am only allowed to get shape ups and shave my face for the next 90 days or however long it takes me to get rid of this belly. I will be post again later about my new workout routine. But yeah, no haircuts allowed until this belly is gone. So I have posted a picture of my curly Afro (it’s right after my first gym session), and I will be posting more good stuff here and more sweaty me and Afro pictures until the belly is gone.