I apologize to those who have followed me and are now seeing me struggle with posting regularly. That was not my intent. Juggling a lot right now. But that’s no excuse. I have been maintaining my weight and losing even. Losing fat. Which is what’s important to me. My goal is to be slim and strong. So I am attempting to cut body fat at a rapid rate.

However, I will admit that I have not been in a gym in over two weeks. I have not been on point and that is totally my fault. As I get towards the end of this week I vow to be better. I don’t have time tonight to go to the gym. But as of 2morrow morning that changes. I must and will get back on point!

Lucky for me that I do OMAD  (One Meal A Day) and eat a mostly vegan diet when I do eat. That’s probably the only reason why I haven’t been gaining any weight. I know that to those reading this it may seem that I am doing too much. But I promise you that what I am doing is biologically sound. I actually adopted this almost three months ago now. So far it is working and that is despite me missing two weeks and change in the gym.

The things that I’ve been doing in the gym have shown results. So has the food intake changes that I’ve made. I just need to re-double my efforts as they say in Equilibrium (probably my favorite movie). So this is what shall be done. I will speak more about my personal struggles with the diet switch, the gym switch and more very soon. But I must go for today. See you soon readers!