As I reflect on this busy week and the results I see from what I’m currently doing, I also want to look back to another version of myself. This was probably when I was at my best fitness and look wise. 

I haven’t cared about what the scale days for quite some time now. However, if I remember correctly back then (two years ago) I was around 180 lbs. I was lifting heavy and doing lots of cardio! 

I have been consistent this week. Just been too busy to blog. Lots going on personally. But, I love this pic. So I thought I’d share it. One of the few, proud, and shirtless pictures I’ve taken. Although it was a while ago now, the picture doesn’t make me sad.

This picture inspired me. I feel I am not very far from there now. But, I believe that when I do arrive at my “new peak” I will look and feel better. Because I have changed the way I eat and workout a lot since then. I love the path I’m on and I truly believe in it. We will discuss that path more in the near future.