After a 3 day break – longer than I anticipated and longer than usual – I was back in the  grind today! The break was great. I got some much needed rest. But, I really missed the gym!

I will admit that I didn’t hit the on Saturday to do arms. I already had done cardio. So I chose to rest and give my spouse the much needed break she deserved. I stood with my step-son and let her go do some things she wanted to do. 

But today it was back to the grind. I got in there, worked on triceps and biceps. Curl Bar was cool. But I’m starting to like working with the cables. Tried to get y’all a decent pic of me doing one of the exercises. But I couldn’t. That’s one of the down sides of having no gym buddy. It was challenging. I was short on time so I did two less exercises than I normally would. But I’m okay with that. Got on the elliptical and got my session in.

Got a good stretch in and left out. Good way to start the week. Looking forward to a great week of fitness!