In 2010 I was basically three hundred pounds. I don’t know the exact number I weighed. The reason for this is that I was ashamed of how I looked. At one point I got on the scale and it said something like 260 lbs. I was shocked and disgusted with myself. I knew it was time to make changes. But I wasn’t quite sure how to do it. The girl I was dating at the time surprised me a few days later with a gift. She got me a very nice jacket and when she showed it to me I was very excited to see it. However, I couldn’t help but ask why the jacket seemed so big. She stated that she was only able to find the jacket in an extra large and a triple-X. She thought that I would be hesitant to wear the 1X because it would fit me snug. So she got the 3X so I could have room. That was it! That was my moment of clarity. I could not be wearing 3X clothing and feel comfortable. She didn’t do anything wrong. This was a sweet gesture. But it was also my wake up call. Something had to be done. I needed to drop weight. I needed to be mindful of how I ate and I needed to start hitting the gym. It was time to stop playing games!