Bugging out…

Yo! I really wrote an entire post, put the images and never “published” it. Lol. I’m bugging out. I apologize y’all, I am clearly a bit unfocused. I’ll be better…

Tuesday was SUPER busy. I got in extremely late and crashed. Then I slept most of Wednesday and just relaxed. I chilled with a friend and then I went home. I didn’t do shit when I got home. Well, nothing productive anyway. Lol. I should have worked out. Definitely had the time to do strenght training. Definitely didn’t though. I have to figure out how to realistically do this at home work out, or make time to get to a gym three days a week. Hopefully I can figure it out over the weekend.

Thursday (last night) I decided to enjoy the weather, walk around a bit and chill with my lady best friend. Here are the stats for Tuesday – Thursday.






Good morning and happy Tuesday.

I apologize for not being around the last few days. I was really busy and kept forgetting to sync my fitbit to the app. I also wasn’t wearing it most of Friday and Saturday. So, instead of listing the stats from each day I thought it may be easier to just post my weekly stats and then the stats from yesterday (9/17/18).

Sorry again y’all. I will do my best to be more deligent and post daily as I said I would. Being busy AND on the move constantly makes it hard to keep up with the syncing and writing and posting. But I won’t give up, I will do better. I have to if I want to continue losing weight and reach my goals. I’m doing good, my tight pants (34 Waist) are falling off of me, and I can fit some of the small shirts I bought already. They aren’t that snug either for the most part. I just know that I have to stay consistent if I want to hit these goals…

Here are the stats from that week and Monday. This week is a little better than last week but not by enough. I’ve done better before and know I can do better if I push myself.

9-10 to 9-16 Stats




Here are the latest Fitbit stats. I am trying my best to stay consistent with the activity tracking. Super busy day yesterday (9/12) Super lazy day today (9/13). That’s why I didn’t post earlier. Sorry y’all. I got home late last night, took a few mins to unwind and fell into a deep sleep. Which means I did NOT get to work out at home. I suck, I know.

To add insult to injury, I’ve been exhausted all day today. Even a large iced cofee did nothing for me. Came home much earlier than planned and just laid on the couch for a few hours relaxing. Cleaned the whole house and now I’m writing this as I try to inspire myself to workout before bed. Probably going to just go to sleep though… This was my fear with the at home work out. It’s WAY too easy for me to not do it. Especially because I’m exhausted more often than I’m feeling lazy.

A New Journey

Good morning! 😊

I did it! I went to bed super late because I was running on adrenaline and upset with myself after the workout. But, I did it. Lol.

At home routine:



Crunches w/legs raised

Mountain Climbers


Deep Squats (I think thats what they’re called)

I usually workout at a gym or fitness center with weights and machines. This is my first time working out at home. I am too embarrassed to post my stats/numbers from the workout. I suck! Like, it’s bad. Lol. But I guess I can only get stronger and get better at this. I’m going to have to be very strict about what time I do this so I can get to bed at a decent time. But I have begun a new journey.

As promised, here’s yesterday’s Fitbit stats. Today should be a good push. I will be doing loads of walking for work today.

Hope y’all have a good hump day. More stats tomorrow. Peace ✌


Weekly Fitbit Stats

Hey y’all…

As usual it’s been too long since my last post. I apologize again. I’m working a lot and probably juggling too much. However, I refuse to stop posting and sharing with y’all. I’ve been losing weight and doing loads of cardio. My new struggle is making time for the gym. Well, really for strength training. So I’m going to post last week’s fitbit tracked stats. Then I’ll do my best to begin posting my daily stats for y’all.

I’m also going to be starting a new at home strength training workout routine. I’m extremely nervous about it! I’ve NEVER been able to do a workout routine at home consistently. I definitely prefer being at a gym/fitness center. However, due to my current time constraints I think this may be my only way of doing strength training consistently. Hopefully I don’t do some lazy bum shit and just say nah and don’t do it. I am supposed to begin the workout routine tonight. Super nervous…Hopefully I’ll be able to get it done and post some cool stats for y’all tomorrow morning as well.

09-09 Fitbit Stats
The week of Sept 3-9 2018.

Activity Tracking

Hey y’all!

So that tracker I got was cool but it wasn’t really accurate. It was a bit weird and I wasn’t very good with syncing it to the app either. Recently a friend gave me a fitbit and I began tracking stats. It’s definitely more accurate and I am slowly getting back on track. I will be posting more frequently and showing my stats when I do.

Some of my recent stats:



Friday I walked about half my normal route and took an express train to work. Then in the evening I walked the two miles and change home. My job is pretty physical, I’m on my feet all day and go up and down lots of steps. I day that so the stats don’t seem impossible or like a huge stretch. My sleep counts for a new day since I went to bed after midnight. I’ll share those stats with you as well.

What do you think? What do you use to track your stats? How accurate is it?

Step/Activity stats
Sleep stats

A step forward

Hey y’all. I have been slacking! Since allergy season hit, I pretty much haven’t don’t shit. I suck, I know. I ‘ve walked plenty but that’s not the commitment I made, nor is it going to achieve the goals I’ve set. This week I started back. I walked over 6 miles on Sunday. Monday I jogged a mile and some change. I wanted to do the full amount but I am a bit sick and breathing was very difficult. I will be jogging again later today – the full amount – and I plan on working out the rest of this week. I’ll be back soon to let you all know how it goes.

Stay strong, stay dedicated.

Dedicated & depleted

Hey y’all! I took the week off from jogging and the gym. I walked the 4 or 5 miles every “work day”.  And after a long wild weekend I took an extra day of rest (Monday). Yesterday (Tuesday) I jogged in the morning and walked the two miles in the evening. My allergies have been HORRIBLE! However, I didn’t let that stop me.

I woke up Tuesday with my allergies kicking my ass. But I didn’t let that stop me. I jogged a bit slower and fought the urge to move faster and get to my destination quicker. I thought of the echoing advice of a close friend of mine. He said that when he was a boxer his trainer taught him that when we jog we should be able to talk. He kept saying, “You should be able to breathe well enough to hold a conversation”. Yeah right! I feel out of shape and when you add these terrible allergies to that, how can I breathe that well?

Well, I was behind schedule and wanted to get to my destination as quickly as possible. Yet I fought the urge and continued at a slower pace than I usually jog. While I was jogging the allergies began to cause issues. A little before I reached the halfway mark it seemed that I couldn’t release all of the air I needed to. The best description I can  give is that it seemed as if I had a pocket of air in my belly that I couldn’t release. It wasn’t painful but it was annoying and challenging to deal with. I pushed through and made it to my destination.

Next the opposite happened. Now I was lacking air. Almost as soon as I stopped I couldn’t get much air. I couldn’t take a deep breath. It was difficult to catch my breath. In fact it took me much longer than it usually does to catch my breath after I jog. “Fuck! This sucks”, I whispered in between breaths. When I finally caught my breath – which felt like a half hour later – my lungs felt worked out. They felt a little beat up but I didn’t care. I was happy that I got it done and was on the right track.

All day Tuesday I was tired and pushing through to get work, and the things I needed to do after work done. I even fell asleep for 20 mins while watching a very inspiring show about a celebrities fitness journey. I got six hours of sleep, and I am still exhausted this morning. I am running late for work and taking measures to get there on time. I need to jog tonight and start sleeping more lol.

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